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Computer Gaming company joins National effort in expansion of tech apprenticeships across the country

RGB Custom PC a computing gaming company that specializes in producing gaming computers has recently been accepted to join a national effort from CompTIA that hopes to increase participation and expansion of internet technology apprenticeships across the country. The CompTIA apprenticeship programs look to diversify their tech teams as well as upskill their current workforce.

“The new program is timely, as highly skilled tech talent is in demand as digital transformation accelerates and the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Partner orgs CompTIA and Maher & Maher say tech is needed in every industry—and the talent pool must better reflect “the growing diversity of today’s workforce. The ultimate goal? CompTIA Apprenticeships for Tech aims to diversify the IT workforce across the U.S. CompTIA said the program allows employers to improve employee engagement and retention, thus increasing productivity. They can also meet their current and longer-term needs for IT professionals.”

Training within the program covers a vast set of categories including workplace behaviors, leadership skills, customer service, and technical aptitude. Many companies are anticipating significant growth within the tech industry, but the skilled worker shortage is troubling, and this program hopes to provide a long-term solution that plans for the future of the industry.

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