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Bee2Bee Network Apprenticeships Announce $30 Million Program Expansion

Current apprentice participants include students from high schools, colleges, and universities across 67 counties in Florida.

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Sovann Boyd

Sovann Boyd

Digital Marketing Specialist

Bee2Bee Network Apprenticeships Program has recently announced the launch of its New $30 million Apprenticeship Expansion Endowment Fund as well as its cryptocurrency, Bee2Bee Coin, (BEE) which will support innovative Corporate Initiatives for its Information Technology-based Registered Apprenticeship Program. An alternate "Apprentice Coin" will also be co-branded as an NFT with client and employer partners.

Approved and endorsed by the Florida Department of Education and The U.S. Department of Labor the Bee2Bee Network Apprenticeships Program is creating and expanding Registered Apprenticeships and Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Programs (IRAP) across high-demand fields including Cybersecurity, Information Technology, Telehealth/Healthcare, E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Real Estate, Retail, Fashion, Entertainment, Tourism, and FinTech. 

Current apprentice participants include students from high schools, colleges, and universities across sixty-seven counties in Florida as well as nine other states with the program growing from New College of Florida to iconic HBCUs such as Howard University and Alabama A&M University.

"As thought leaders in the software development and IT/emerging technologies apprenticeship space, our business model is based on creating an innovative and sustainable ecosystem of highly skilled talent, fair access to new and emerging technologies, direct access to key industry employers, and sustainable funding opportunities.

"Software development and IT touches every single industry, and as a software company, we are building talent first and software second. Today marks a new day for technology-based apprenticeships and we must pivot and embrace what the market is telling us." 

Yasmine P. Clarke, Bee2Bee Network Apprenticeships

The Bee2Bee Network Apprenticeships Endowment Fund and The Bee2Bee Coin will generate a permanent stream of capital to support the national expansion of The Bee2Bee Network Registered Apprenticeships Program. McCoy Federal Credit Union has been selected to manage the new fund which will help employers build a skilled technical workforce while assisting apprentices to gain important financial literacy skills. 

Apprentices will earn as they learn new technology skills and gain certifications as well as have the opportunity to purchase or earn the Bee2Bee Coin cryptocurrency during their apprenticeship which will serve as a tangible and growing investment in their future. Further, the Bee2Bee Coin may also be utilized to purchase goods and services including real estate via the LifeStyles In 360 E-Commerce Virtual Shopping NFT Platform which the Apprentices are working on.

Operating since 2011 the Bee2Bee Network Apprenticeship program has independently financed experiential learning opportunities in STEM/STEAM areas such as Software Design, Development, and Emerging Technologies. The Bee2Bee Coin is not only a sustainable and green cryptocurrency investment vehicle for social good, but it also aims to incentivize apprenticeships as a viable career option for the personal and professional mobility of its apprentices. 




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