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Businesses are scrambling for skilled workers right now and local officials are finding it starts in the classroom

With the recent skilled labor shortage continuing for businesses across the country many states are finding that the key to finding and supporting potential skilled laborers starts in the classroom. Local governments like those in Mississippi are now starting to invest in these types of programs for the future as apprenticeship programs and those alike are known to be game changers for employers.

“Everyone needs workers right now. Restaurants need workers and hospitals need workers, and industrial manufacturers need workers. Everyone needs workers right now,” said Whitaker… Macaulay Whitaker is the Chief Operating Officer at the GTR Development Link. She says workforce development has been the focus in the Golden Triangle for the last eight years. There has been a large number of movements both large and small in the Golden Triangle to help in the workforce pipeline. A big example is Communiversity. That’s a big project we put together to make room for the pipeline and the throughput of individuals we knew we would need to feed our local employers and our prospective companies,” said Whitaker.”

Unemployment in Mississippi has risen in the region from 5.6% to 6% and industry officials are hoping that these new initiatives that are receiving funding will help the cause. Mississippi will continue to look at ways that they can bolster their workforce talent pool and has even started a new campaign to encourage potential workers to look at work in their hometowns before moving out of state.

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