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Cincinnati based company provides artists with apprenticeship opportunities

A Cincinnati-based company ArtWorks is giving young artists a chance to do what they love while simultaneously earning a wage. Many of the projects revolve around painting murals around the greater Ohio area.

Sydney Fine the director of impact at ArtWorks describes the intent of the program stating,

Apprentices were able to apply for the project that seemed most interesting to them. While the artists got to sign up this year, Fine said ArtWorks tries to ensure most of the apprentices come from the neighborhood where their work is taking place. In addition to practical elements, such as travel considerations, having artists come from the community gives the pieces deeper meaning. We’ve heard a lot from past apprentices about just how proud they are to get to leave their mark to make their community," she said. "There’s that really deep impact for those making the art, to feel as though they’re part of something much bigger than themselves."

The participants selected will then see them join a small exclusive club that includes a little over 4,000 apprentices since the programs beginning in 1996. The apprenticeship is a very competitive one as they only accept about 25% of their applicants a year and many apply again if they do not get in the first time.

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