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Formula 1 announces apprenticeship programs with a focus on diversity and inclusion

Following the rollout of the #WeRaceAsOne initiative last year Formula 1 is piloting a new apprenticeship program to increase diversity and inclusion within the sport. The program will focus mostly on engineering-based scholarships for marginalized groups.

“Formula 1 will place two long-term apprentices from underrepresented groups within the organisation in 2021. The apprenticeships will begin in September and have a focus on mechanical engineering. Six interns from underrepresented groups will be offered roles across the F1 organisation in 2021, with a mix of short and longer-term placements. Two of the placements have already been assigned within the Motorsport and Marketing teams, with the other four being recruited over the coming weeks via multiple D&I partners, including BCOMS, who work with talented sports media enthusiasts looking to develop their career in media; Driven By Diversity, whose mission is to educate individuals and organisations on the value of diversity and inclusion in motorsport; and various other initiatives who train and nurture young people from underrepresented groups or with limited educational or employment opportunities”.

Formula 1 has remained committed to their new #WeRaceAsOne campaign with emphasis on diversity and inclusion pushing for future models to move toward a similar framework where diversity is put at the forefront.

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