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It's About Time We Look into Closing Equity Gaps in Apprenticeships

As we continue to see many Americans affected by the ongoing global pandemic and the spreading of COVID-19 companies are struggling to find programs to help train and educate potential young workers. The modern apprenticeship model has been gaining significant traction in the last year and with the passing of the National Apprenticeship Act of 2021 current Registered Apprenticeship programs could see an increase of almost 1 million workers.

“Apprentices have the opportunity to earn while they learn, with an average annual wage of $70,000 upon completion and increased lifetime earnings. Employers, meanwhile, see a higher level of employee knowledge and job satisfaction resulting in an impressive 94 percent retention rate among apprentices. The U.S. has added more than 200,000 new apprentices every year for the past three years. Even with declines caused by the economic crisis and COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the federal Registered Apprenticeship program still posted its third-highest gains in its 84-year history.”

Recruiters like Techtonic have made it their mission to hire more people of color for apprenticeships partnering with other big names like the Newport News Ship Building School and AON in working to achieve these goals. New initiatives focused on equity and inclusion are just a few reasons why the apprenticeship model can play a key role in helping to diversify the American workforce.

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