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JFF Gets $13 million Grant from The Department of Labor to Create Inclusive Apprenticeships

Non-profit JFF is getting a boost in federal funding from the U.S. Department of Labor in the form of $13 Million to expand equity and inclusion throughout their apprenticeship programs. The goal will be for the organization to help build more inclusive Registered Apprenticeships and help provide hands-on training and support throughout the process.

“Research has long shown that apprenticeship is an effective approach to building a skilled labor force and creating pathways to long-term employment, but apprenticeship has not benefited all members of the workforce equitably. For example, although women make up nearly half of the U.S. labor force, in 2020 they accounted for just 9.2 percent of all active apprentices according to federal data. While Black and Latinx workers and other people of color participate in apprenticeships at rates comparable to their respective shares of the overall workforce, their program completion rates are lower than those of white apprentices. And those who do finish receive lower wages and experience other less favorable employment outcomes than their white counterparts”.

 JFF will continue to analyze their research and hope to correct any mistakes or shortcomings established programs currently have in place. They will also offer technical assistance to apprenticeship employers and provide them with vital educational content that can help to improve their programs practices.

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