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Massachussetts looks to evaluate the future of work turning to apprenticeships as a talent source

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought many challenges to the return to work and now that Massachusetts businesses have started to bring their workforce back to the office some of the new norms of flexibility and technology-based work will continue to be a factor moving forward. Governor Baker believes that apprentice programs will play a major role in expanding their workforce by helping more people find a pathway to a well-paying job.

"We're going to need to use apprenticeship programs. We're going to need to use and expand a lot of the work we do with our vo-tech schools. We're going to need to come up with strategies that make it possible for people to get credentialed in different fields in a way that's easier for them," Baker said. Baker said that training should focus on areas of expected growth including healthcare, financial services and construction”.

 The state believes that switching to a hybrid approach when returning to work is the best course of action. The system hopes to benefit both employers and employees promoting productivity and helping workers spend less time behind the wheel.

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