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New Apprenticeship hopes to bridge the oppurtunity gap in tech with their new program

 New Apprenticeship a registered apprenticeship program is looking to bridge the opportunity gap in tech. The company received $2.5 million in seed funding with help from the Dell Foundation with the purpose of upskilling their management team as well as working to improve its sales operation and efficiency scale.

"We believe apprenticeship equips employers to become the engines of digital talent production. Forward-thinking companies partner with us to build sustainable talent pipelines, fueling their short and long-term talent needs. Modern degree apprenticeships represent the greatest breakthrough in workforce innovation because they create accessible pathways for students to pursue high-value careers without requiring access to costly 4-year universities." said Brad Voeller, CEO, New Apprenticeship.

New Apprenticeships program runs a 8-12 week pre-apprenticeship program which sets the state for applicants so that they are ready for their first day on the job. After applicants are accepted they then begin a 12 month program that focuses on helping participants achieve industry level certifications. Certifications can be attained in fields ranging from digital marketing, data analytics, and web development.

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