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New Mexico apprenticeship program hopes to boost the talent pipeline in collaboration with local laboratories

Laboratories around the country are currently hiring yet misconceptions that labs are solely looking for researchers with highly advanced degrees though that is not necessarily the case. Labs have a vast number of skilled jobs that include many trades like electrical work and plumbing. The state of New Mexico recently announced a collaboration with local schools and laboratories across the state that will help to build a stronger pipeline of skilled workers through high school apprenticeships.

"This is a great path to post-secondary education opportunities that ultimately lead to good-paying jobs for people from Northern New Mexico," says Rebecca Estrada, higher education, and workforce development specialist at the Laboratory, who has been working on the partnership. "The model of collaboration between schools, unions and employers works well for everyone - particularly students for whom a four-year degree program might not be a good fit but are looking for rewarding careers."

The program will allow students to continue their education through a union apprenticeship program and provide them with financial compensation while also including employee benefits like healthcare, a pension, and a 401k.

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