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New York State Approves First Teacher Apprenticeship Program Amid Shortage

 New York state has seen a significant teacher shortage in recent years and the state hopes to resolve this issue with the first of its kind teacher apprenticeship program. Participants will be provided with tuition assistance as well as a pathway to receive a New York teaching certification upon completion.

Under the first-ever New York State Apprenticeship program for teacher preparation through the state Department of Labor, SUNY students will now be eligible for $5,000 in SUNY tuition assistance, in addition to the $22,000 per year living stipend they already receive through Classroom Academy. Program leaders have also applied for grant funding that, if awarded, would enable all participants to access additional tuition support. “In numerous industries, an apprenticeship showcase to employers the commitment, hard work, and ability of prospective job applicants, and education should be no different,” said Colleen McDonald, Classroom Academy program coordinator. “This will also help districts hire highly qualified new teachers at a time of great need.”

 The National Education Association grant gives teachers a paid residency and placement at a local school district where they will be provided on-the-job-training as well as guidance from an already licensed teacher. The program lasts around 16 weeks and allows the state to increase the talent pool as they face the ongoing teacher shortage.

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