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Public Sector Apprenticeships Can Help to Promote Economic Mobility

A recent study conducted by the Urban Institute found that public sector apprenticeships can be quite valuable to employers and help to expand the economy. Retention of employers has always been a serious challenge for any employer and the use of apprenticeship programs can help to boost these rates significantly. 

“Apprenticeship opens access to careers for those who might not have such opportunities otherwise. First, apprenticeship emphasizes learning by doing, with more hours spent on-the-job than in the classroom. Second, apprentices do not need credentials because they are trained on-the-job—advantageous to those who learn best by doing. Third, those for whom a college degree is out of reach financially may earn university credits through their apprenticeship training that are reimbursed by employers. Finally, apprentices earn income while they train, which is critical to help people meet basic needs while investing in their future.”

The state of Maryland is continuing to look to expand their apprenticeship programs within the public sector and are actively recruiting to increase the participation within these programs. Public sector positions have historically been seen as stable with well-paying wages which can be beneficial for those who can complete apprenticeships in local and state governments.

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