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Shipbuilding Apprentice School Joins National Coalition to Boost Diversity and Inclusion in  Apprenticeships

The Newport Shipbuilding Apprentice School recently joined a national campaign to boost equity, diversity, and inclusion in registered apprenticeship programs. The school has partnered with a collective of advocacy groups in education and research and was given a $13 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor to research the obstacles in place for women and minorities when it comes to apprenticeships. The goal of the projects is to help employers with training when it comes to navigating these deficiencies.

“The Apprentice School offers four- to eight-year, tuition-free apprenticeships in 19 trades and eight optional advanced programs. It is accredited by the Council for Occupational Education, and is certified to offer associate’s degrees of applied science in maritime technology in 26 educational programs.”

The program has partnered with a handful of colleges including Old Dominion University to offer participants the chance to earn an associate degree in a variety of business and engineering fields. The school expects to share its research findings with the public as well as organizing some workshops and panels to continue the ongoing discussion.

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