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Software development company SmartLogic looks to expand apprenticeship program for marginalized groups

 Three years ago, software development company Smart Logic piloted a new apprenticeship program that would help provide a fourteen-week training program that would help young software developers get a foot in the door at the company. Now the company is looking to expand its apprenticeship with a focus on underrepresented communities in tech.

“While it’s true you don’t need a degree to get a programming job, the idea that anyone can complete a bootcamp or do some self-study and immediately be fully prepared to be a professional programmer is an incomplete vision,” said Rose Burt, director of marketing at SmartLogic. “We see this apprenticeship as a way to bring people into our team and the tech community more broadly who might otherwise have a harder time making that leap from training to their first real job in tech.”

SmartLogic’s goal is to offer a full-time position to their apprentices upon completion and will work hard to make sure every participant finds employment. The first class of apprentices all received full-time jobs in Baltimore after completing the course.

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