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Southern California is breaking down economic barriers with this new pre-apprenticeship program

Recently The San Diego Workforce Partnership joined forces with Creating Coding Careers to launch a 12-week pre-apprenticeship program that will focus on breaking down economic barriers in software engineering across the southern California region. The program will look to address the skilled worker shortage within the tech industries and will offer training and support to participants who struggle to pay the tuition costs upfront.

“According to research from the San Diego Workforce Partnership, the region has seen double-digit growth in technology jobs in recent years, but the pipeline of graduates with the skills to succeed in those positions continues to lag behind. For too many San Diegans, the cost of acquiring the skills and education to launch a software engineering career bars them from pursuing opportunities for social and economic mobility,” said Peter Callstrom, CEO of the Workforce Partnership. “This is about creating a new, sustainable model of workforce development that can also help employers address pressing tech talent shortages.”

Their modern apprenticeship approach includes a payment scale plan that ensures that every individual’s salary will help to cover their tuition costs even in times of financial struggle. Participation in this program will grant apprentices many benefits including things like career coaching, mentoring, one-on-one support, and job placements following the completion of their program. Upon completion, graduates will receive a $2,100 stipend and start a 12-month apprenticeship program that pays $18 an hour while simultaneously teaching apprentices valuable coding skills.

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