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Tech Start-up Multiverse recieves $130 million series C for tech focused Apprentiships

Multiverse a startup that specializes in tech-focused apprenticeships has secured $130 million Series C after raising an initial $44 million previously this past year. This new round of funding will be allocated to continue to help expansion throughout the continental United States as well as building its customer base. The platform currently promotes apprenticeships in occupations including data science, finance, programming, and operational roles.

“Tech jobs are a particularly interesting area because many of them by their nature can be engaged with remotely, using the very digital tools that tech workers are building or helping maintain. All of this has presented an interesting window of opportunity for Multiverse specifically, and more generally the concept of an apprentice, which sits somewhere between a more standard recent graduate/less experience jobseeker and someone who might still be studying and looking at internships to gain more experience. We want to build an outstanding alternative to university and college,” Blair told me earlier this year. Even the name speaks to how the people it targets do not typically fit into the traditional categories of candidates. There are “multiple universes” one can inhabit as a post-18 young adult, Blair said, hence the “Multiverse” name (which has nothing to do with “metaverse” in case you are wondering). Apprenticeships typically last 1.5 years.”

Multiverse is looking to serve people who are looking for alternative pathways to a well-paying job by tapping into a workforce that would include a more diverse talent pool. The company claims that about 53% of its participants in its program are people of color and on top of that 36% are from economically struggling communities.

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