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The State of Alabama pilots a new multipurpose dashboard helping to promote apprenticeship programs across the state

In a recent push to promote registered apprenticeship programs in Alabama The Alabama Office of Apprenticeship has debuted a groundbreaking multipurpose dashboard that will help organize state-registered apprenticeship programs into an all-inclusive search system. The dashboard will help provide its users with information about high-demand occupations that an apprenticeship program may help to promote as well as helping to relieve the industry of the many growing workforce shortages the country is currently experiencing.

“It is a privilege for this Center and The University of Alabama to be of service to business and state leaders working to achieve Governor Kay Ivey’s important goal of 500,000 more Alabamians with recognized credentials and certificates by 2025,” said Katsinas. Helping more Alabamians into better jobs is good for our state and nation, and that is exactly what the Alabama Office of Apprenticeship is doing. Students, parents, training providers, workforce agencies, and employers may utilize the tool to seek current information regarding apprenticeship opportunities. Employers also may make use of the dashboard to search for apprenticeship opportunities applicable to their company. Current high school students will find the tool to be beneficial in exploring local apprenticeship opportunities for which they can apply.”

Apprenticeship employers have recently been allowed to access focus groups who have evaluated the dashboards effectiveness at both local and state levels, and they hope it can be successfully implemented as a promotional tool for programs across the country. Downloadable tables and graphs will be available to access through the program and a beta version of the dashboard has already been given to potential partners throughout the state. The state hopes that this software will increase the amount apprenticeship programs across the region and also believes that it will be a key factor in helping to fill in-demand positions for growing industries.

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