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This Missouri based Registered Apprenticeship hopes It can help to solve the growing worker shortage

 A local program in Missouri is helping to provide people in the area a chance to start a new career as Job Point a social services center and contracting company Emery Sapp and Son’s join together for a joint apprenticeship program that focuses on training workers for highway maintenance and repair field. The program has been training people for the industry for the last 20 years and has even grown to become recognized as a registered apprenticeship program with the Department of Labor.

“It pays more. Significantly more than the beginning wage in Missouri,” Smith said. “That is life changing money. Not only for our clients, but for those who rely upon them. Smith said many of Job Point’s clients have criminal records and join the program to start a new career. Some people work there for a full career, some people work there for a shorter period of time, accumulate some money and then go into other fields or areas, but it can be life changing for many of the folks we serve,” Smith said. The apprenticeship is a two-year program with year-round enrollment. Each year, Smith said the program trains around 40 to 50 people. It trains participants to follow safety measures and learn specialized skills within the industry.”

Throughout the apprenticeship participants will work directly with Emery Sapp and Sons during the apprenticeship and earn a wage with the program as they continue to work and learn. CEO of Job Point Steve Smith believes that training people for work in this field is extremely important as the skilled worker shortage continues throughout the state and the need for maintenance and repair workers grows. The program requires its apprentices to have a high school diploma but the program helps many of its participants meet their education requirement before they apply.

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