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Twin Cities Company Accenture Moves to Diversify their Apprenticeship Program

Twin Cities company Accenture recently launched an apprenticeship program focused on aptitude for technology. Accenture’s goal was to partner with several other Chicago-based companies to help to diversify their workforce as well as provide alternate pathways to well-paying jobs aside from a traditional four-year university.

"The Chicago story for us busted this bias that you need a four-year degree to do well at Accenture," Sovereign said last week. "We're also seeing that in Minneapolis. We want a workforce that's representative of the population at large. And two-thirds of the apprentices are from underrepresented groups." Locally, Accenture has joined with Chicago-based insurer Aon, and Greater MSP, the Twin Cities business-development agency to launch the Minnesota Apprenticeship Network, with an initial goal of 1,000 apprentices”.

The apprenticeship program will continue to create new opportunities for participants and employers and will hope to attract more diverse talent for their talent pool. The program comes following the killing of George Floyd in the area and the protests that came after accelerated the expansion of the program within the community.

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