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Upstryve's New pre-apprenticeship program will focus on helping young people develop hard skills

Upstryve one of the leading companies in tradespeople across the country will be launching a new Pre-Apprenticeship program that will allow participants to develop their skills and build upon their knowledge as they enter the workforce. The Program will center around education on career advancement and skilled trades making it their goal to fully prepare their participants for the workforce.

“According to an August press release by PeopleReady, a TrueBlue company, between May and June of this year more than 380,000 skilled trades jobs were posted, a 50% increase to pre-pandemic levels.  Most positions were not filled for 24 days.  In addition to the need for skilled tradespeople, there are plenty of beginner or pre-apprenticeship positions available.  Upstryve is aiming to link these candidates with potential employers while better preparing them for that position and their future trades career. Over the past year demand has grown for skilled workers in industrial trades across multiple industries. The increase in demand, lack of trained tradespeople in the industry and cost of materials increase have all contributed to more and more companies fighting overqualified entry level tradesmen and women.”

Participants of Upstryve’s program will complete several weeks of basic training in the Pre-apprenticeship which will include education on career pathways as well as 1 on 1 mentoring with industry professionals. The program hopes that their efforts will make the hiring process in the future much faster as well as help to create less turnaround for companies.

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