U.S. Department of Labor Recognizes ApprentiScope as Apprenticeship Ambassador

ApprentiScope will join hundreds of others to serve as a champion in promoting, expanding, and diversifying Registered Apprenticeships.

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Sovann Boyd

Sovann Boyd

Digital Marketing Specialist @ ApprentiScope

ApprentiScope is extremely excited to announce our selection by the U.S. Department of Labor as an official Apprenticeship Ambassador! The Department of Labors' Apprenticeship Ambassador Initiative seeks to create a national network of employers, labor organizations, industry associations, program sponsors, educators, workforce intermediaries, community-based organizations, and other stakeholders to serve as champions for expanding and diversifying Registered Apprenticeships.


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What is the Apprenticeship Ambassador Initiative?

As champions for Registered Apprenticeship, Apprenticeship Ambassadors will partner with DOL to:

  • Promote and expand awareness of the benefits of Registered Apprenticeship in the U.S. for industry, employers, career seekers, educators, and communities as a whole.
  • Identify and scale innovative practices and partnerships to modernize, strengthen, and accelerate the adoption of Registered Apprenticeships.
  • Increase access and support for underrepresented and underserved populations in Registered Apprenticeship including women, youth, people of color, rural communities, justice-involved individuals, and people with disabilities.
  • Communicate the business case for Registered Apprenticeship as a mainstream workforce strategy for high-demand industries and create opportunities for good jobs for all Americans across the economy.


What Role Do We Play As an Ambassador?

Apprenticeship Ambassadors will support the Department of Labors' work of modernizing Registered Apprenticeship by increasing diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in Registered Apprenticeship Programs. Ambassadors will also work to engage the industry in new and emerging sectors; as well as expand pre-apprenticeship, youth apprenticeship, and degree apprenticeships. 


Looking to Apply to Become An Apprenticeship Ambassador Yourself?

Organizations that have experience with Registered Apprenticeships are eligible to become an Apprenticeship Ambassador. Examples of organizations that would be eligible include Registered Apprenticeship sponsors, Related Technical Instruction providers, intermediaries, sponsors of pre-apprenticeship programs that lead to RAPs, and equity partners who have seen the value and benefits of Registered Apprenticeship and want to partner with DOL to help promote, expand, diversify, and modernize it. Organizations that are interested in becoming an Apprenticeship Ambassador should fill out an application on the website at


Benefits of Being an Ambassador Include, 

  1. National Recognition as an Apprenticeship Ambassador.
  2. Join a network of industry, workforce, education, equity, and labor apprenticeship advocates and get best practices for your industry.
  3. An opportunity to partner with the U.S. Department of Labor and help shape registered apprenticeship exp[ansion across the country. 




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