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New mechanical Apprenticeship Program launches in Flint Michigan

Nationally recognized Mechanic Apprenticeship Program has launched a new program in Flint Michigan that will look to help provide participants with hard skills, mentorship, and a pathway to a future career in their respective program. The program promotes that participants will be able to be given trial runs at a career they may be interested in while simultaneously earning a wage.

“Curbco is dedicated to the communities where we work and live. And we are proud of our commitment to building stronger, safer, and better-educated communities,” Keith Kirby, Curbco president, said. “This new Mechanic Apprentice Program is a critical part of that vision. We are excited to train and mentor residents interested in taking advantage of this opportunity… The value to the apprentice is that they can be assured they are learning material that is standardized to the industry. U.S. DOL apprenticeships are equivalent to a similar length college degree,” Kirby said. “In addition to an excellent education, they begin earning from day one. They will earn a nationally recognized credential without debt.”

Upon completing their program participants will be able to earn a national credential from the U.S. Department of Labor. Some of these certifications include State of Michigan certified mechanic for light and heavy truck duty, commercial driver’s license, operator’s license, and a pesticide applicators license.

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